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Details Communities and Technologies

Communities and Technologies Contains 24 research articles related to the emerging research field of Communities and Technologies (C&T). This book treats subjects such as online communities, communities of practice, Community support systems, Digital ...

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Details Unterstützung der Formierung und Analyse von virtuellen Communities (Europäische Hochschulschriften / European University Studies / Publications Universitaires Européennes)

Systeme, die den Informationsaustausch in Communities unterstützen, sind heute allgegenwärtig. Eine zielgerichtete Analyse solcher Communities ist allerdings nur schwer möglich, denn es gibt bislang kein Verfahren zur formalen Beschreibung virtueller ...

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Details Communities of the Past by Sunburst Visual Media

Take students on a journey to early Native American communities, Colonial towns and early American cities to explore the variety of communities, as they existed in the past. They'll learn how schools of the past are different from their own. They'll ...

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Details Whaling Communities (North Atlantic Studies)

Whaling Communities Whaling Communities Full description

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Details Social Networking Communities and E-Dating Services: Concepts and Implications (Premier Reference Source)

Social Networking Communities and e-Dating Services Presents research in the field of social networking communities and e-dating services.

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Details Communities Without Borders: Images and Voices from the World of Migration

Communities without Borders In his stunning work of photojournalism and oral history, Bacon documents the new reality of the migrant experience: the creation of transnational communities. 148 halftones. Full description

27,17 EUR*
Details Healing Communities in Conflict: International Assistance in Complex Emergencies

Healing Communities in Conflict This book shows how the international community can be more effective in the war-torn, disaster-scarred regions of the world -- and ensure that people in conflict can rebuild their communities after the fighting stops ...

27,49 EUR*
Details Building and Connecting Learning Communities: The Power of Networks for School Improvement

Building and Connecting Learning Communities Illustrating how networked learning communities (NLCs) can impact school improvement, the authors examine formal/informal leadership roles, collaborative inquiry as an essential tool, and how NLCs support ...

83,10 EUR*
Details Virtual Communities: Bowling Alone, Online Together (Digital Formations)

Virtual Communities Does contemporary Internet technology strengthen civic engagement and democratic practice? The recent surge in online community participation has become a cultural phenomenon enmeshed in ongoing debates about the health of American ...

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Details Asian America: Forming New Communities, Expanding Boundaries

Asian America The last half century witnessed a dramatic change in the geographic, ethnographic, and socioeconomic structure of Asian American communities. While traditional enclaves were strengthened by waves of recent immigrants, native-born Asian ...

35,09 EUR*
Details Therapeutic Communities for the Treatment of Drug Users (Community Culture and Change)

Therapeutic Communities for the Treatment of Drug Users The majority of therapeutic communities treating drug users are "concept-based": they are hierarchical, and the staff and residents form a chain of command. This study explores significant ...

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Details PARKING ONLY Bruderhof Communities Sign Parking sign

Die PARKING ONLY Bruderhof Communities Sign Parkschild ist eine tolle Möglichkeit Ihre Zone, zu markieren, als ob es eine echte Straße waren. Überraschen Sie Ihre Familie und Freunde mit unserer ursprünglichen Acrylschilder . Sie kommen mit ...

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Details Exploring Communities & Its Workers [DVD] [Import]

Exploring Communities & Its Workers [DVD] [Import]

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Details How Communities Are Alike & Different [DVD] [Import]

How Communities Are Alike & Different [DVD] [Import]

86,42 EUR*
Details Empowering our Children: Creating Cooperative Families, Classrooms and Communities

Empowering our Children: Creating Cooperative Families, Classrooms and Communities

272,69 EUR*
Details Collaborative Teams in Professional Learning Communities at Work

Collaborative Teams in Professional Learning Communities at Work

64,99 EUR*
Details Wonderful Two's: Montessori Infant Communities in Japan and USA

Wonderful Two's: Montessori Infant Communities in Japan and USA

88,31 EUR*
Details Mixed Communities: Gentrification by Stealth?

Mixed Communities This book draws together a range of case studies by international experts to assess the impacts of social mix policies and the degree to which they might represent gentrification by stealth. Full description

50,69 EUR*
Details Iron Age Communities In Britain

Iron Age Communities in Britain Takes into account the significant developments that have moulded the discipline. Full description